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No visit to San Francisco is complete Replica Hermes Kelly Bags without visiting some of the most popular San Francisco tourist destinations.  Here is a sampling of seven must-see places you have to check out on your next visit:1)  California Palace of the Legion of HonorLocated at 34th Avenue & Clement Street, The California Palace of the Legion of Honor is an art experience you won’t want to miss. First off, there’s the building itself.  Built in 1924, the Legion of Honor is a three-quarter scale replica of the Palais de La Légion d’Honneur in Paris, built to honor the 3,600 Californians who lost their lives on the battlefields of France during World War I.

John the Baptist,” circa 1600.2)  AlcatrazWho knew touring a former prison could become so popular?Alcatraz is a an island a few miles off the coast of San Francisco which had been used as a military prison in 1907, then as a Federal prison in the 1930s, housing the most hardened criminals.  Some of its most famous prisoners include:  George Kelly, bank robber and kidnapper, also known as “Machine Gun Kelly;” Floyd Hamilton, driver for Bonnie and Clyde; and Al Capone, Chicago Mob Boss, known as “Scarface.”In 1973, Alcatraz was incorporated into the National Parks system and became a tourist attraction. Since then, over 14 million visitors have taken the 10-minute boat ride from Pier 41 in San Francisco to see ‘The Rock’.
 Tickets generally sell out, sometimes weeks in advance.3)  ChinatownChinatown Replica Hermes Bracelet is home to the largest Asian population outside China, and is located in an area near North Beach, bound roughly by Grant Avenue and Bush Street, Broadway and Larkin Street. After being wowed by the building, you will probably want to view the collection of Rodin sculptures, as well as some other notable acquisitions, including Claude Monet’s  ”The Grand Canal, Venice,” 1908 and El Greco’s “St.  Here you’ll find shopping and great food, including Mee Mee Bakery at 1328 Stockton between Broadway and Vallejo.  Mee Mee’s is reputed to be the originator of the fortune cookie.

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