instead Juicy Couture backpack of licensing acid point

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Held by identification of a lot of gold jewelry, Chinese folk medicine formula is a convenient way: look at the color, weigh weight, listen to the phonological fold hardness, wear a stone, instead Juicy Couture backpack of licensing acid point, will be delicious. The sight of the first four-seat of the pants to leave four years later, you need a Juicy Couture necklace help tools and reagents. You can see the color of gold luster and color is often associated with pure gold, K gold to distinguish between real gold and fake gold.

Golden yellow to red is better, more than 95% fineness, the fineness of about 80% of the fineness of about 70%, green, yellow, light yellow, about 50% gray fineness. Therefore, seven, eight yellow-green, 95 red, golden yellow and gray semi-discharge formula.The appearance of gold jewelry, gold jewelry, gold is not easy to fade, real Nanbian. However, careful observation of Juicy Couture jewelry earrings at the back of the angle of depression, you can put up with gold.

Alice to identify the phenomenon of the skin side. Broken joints, such as jewelry, this section of the metal material is yellow outside white Lee. The acid test identification jewelry and brand Gold Road mill Juicy Couture velour  test of nitric acid with a glass rod point in the Golden Road, for each point, gold element and stable chemical properties, rather than acid reaction, which is the same color. Whether it is gold or gold, the road, and then disappear from the change.


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